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Clearinghouse on Foster Youth and Transition


Nearly half of all foster children require—and have a right to receive—special education and related services to succeed in school. However, most of these young people lack advocates or caregivers who are knowledgeable about their rights or can help them receive an appropriate education and plan for their transition to adult life, post-secondary education, and employment.

This Clearinghouse offers a variety of selected resources to help foster parents, kincare providers, child welfare workers, educators, CASAs and other professionals to provide effective services and supports for children with disabilities in foster care.

The Clearinghouse on Foster Youth and Transition is made possible through the generous support of the California Department of Rehabilitation. To suggest additional resources or give us feedback on the Clearinghouse, please send an email to Cheryl Theis at


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Take Action 4 Accommodations Training: Your Rights to Reasonable Accommodations & How to File a Complaint


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